Hurricane INS Savings

As I was vacationing in the Florida Keys last week, I was reminded of those naughty hurricanes Donna, Betsy, Andrew, Frances, Jeanne and Irma and the absolute need to armor your house against them.  I was also reminded of the need to save money. We know that hurricane shutters protect your most prized possession-your home-but they can also save you money by reducing your homeowner’s insurance rates.  How?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1:  Choose Your Hurricane Protection

There are many types of hurricane shutters on the market today. Hurricane fabric is strong, affordable and easy to deploy.  It’s great for folks who want to enclose their entire lanai, porch or garage.  The greater demand, however, is for roll-down hurricane shutters, accordion hurricane shutters, and clear hurricane panels. 

2:  Schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection

After your hurricane shutters are installed, schedule a “Wind Mitigation Inspection” with a certified Home Inspector.  To find an inspector in your area, either Google “Home Inspectors” for your city.  The inspection will take about an hour and the inspector will fill out a form called the “Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form.”  Catchy name, right?

3:  Notify Your Insurance Company

All that’s left to do is send the form to your insurance company.  Insurance Companies know that if you have Miami/Dade or Florida Building Code approved products you are less likely to have damages to your home–up to 40%.  The problem is that insurance companies like the higher premiums for revenue but not the payout when a storm does hit (and it will).  Since 2002 new homes built in Florida are required to have storm protection.  Insurance companies know this but will not give you a discount without having it inspected by a State Licensed Mitigator who performs the same task that our local county and city permitting office performs. 

So if you plan on putting hurricane shutters on your home, know that once it’s installed call a state mitigation company and have your home inspected.  Your insurance discount may not be as large as others, but it may let you keep a little more money in your pocket.

Harper’s stays committed to ensuring you receive your homeowners insurance deduction.  We are partnering with D & D Garage Door, and Island Insurance to complete your hurricane protection inspection. Contact Susan @ 941-629-2400 to protect your garage door, and Mary @ 941-244-9575 for a consultation about your insurance policy.  Call Harper’s today for your expert consultation @ 941-629-3490. Start saving $$$ today!