Creating Healthy Pool Environments

Swimming pool with hot tub fountain and cage

The presence of mold is not only unsightly, but it generates unhealthy environmental concerns. Many are accessible to lung issues with the presence of this fungus. Mold grows in moist, dark places, frequently forming a green powdery substance that spreads across the material to which it has bonded. It is not just a health issue but it becomes an eyesore. The areas around a swimming pool are frequently susceptible to mold because of the obvious buildup of moisture that attracts mold growth. Removing green mold from a pool screen enclosure is not difficult, just tedious.

The removal of mold on the pool cage and area is a simple process. The utilization of a power washer is the vital key to properly removing this green nuisance. While taking care with not doing damage to screening, the high pressure will remove the majority of the mold. A mixture of water and vinegar, when applied with a sponge for scrubbing, will remove difficult areas. In addition, a blend of water, bleach, and powdered detergent will produce a powerful combination to attack mold. Protect your family and the investment that you have made in your home by following these simple steps. Restoring the beauty of your pool cage will revitalize your recreation and relaxation area.

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