Preventing Sun Damage

People from all across the country travel to Florida to enjoy the endless summer, but those who live in the beautiful state of Florida also know that all that sunshine can also wreak havoc on our cars, our backyard furniture, and our outdoor plants and flowers. We are especially challenged out here on the sunny coast to find effective ways to combat the damage the sun can do to our vehicles.

If you do not have a garage for your vehicle in Florida, it becomes more difficult to keep your vehicles from receiving sun damage over the years from repeated UV exposure. Since shade is the best defense against all those hot and harmful rays, a well-built carport or a sun shade of some kind are the best defense to keep vehicles protected against sun damage. Without proper coverage, prolonged sun exposure will cause oxidation and premature fading to the paint of vehicles. In fact, it does not take long for sun damage to occur on an uncovered vehicle.

Seek Shelter from The Sun

You should always seek out sheltered parking whenever possible. Some other tips for sun car care, along with the mention of carports or sunshades include washing cars often, since that process helps remove all the grime and pollutants that have been deposited. A car wash once a week is recommended. Remember, it is also important to dry the car thoroughly after washing. Waxing vehicles can also be an important step in protecting paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and keeping dirt and grime from sticking to the vehicle. Waxing does not take that long and there are great products out there to use, if one does not want to have a professional do it.

Plants Need a Break Too

Backyard furniture and all the local beautiful flowers and plants that can be enjoyed in Florida also need protection from the sun. Sun shades and roll-down screens are a popular choice for those who fight that intense heat every day. Even though we tend to choose heat tolerant plants here in Florida, it still seems that we cannot escape the sun’s intensity on our lawns and patios.

Seek A Professional For Help

In our quest for proper and adequate sun protection for our vehicles and our outdoor areas that we enjoy so much here, contacting Harpers can be one of the best investments that you can make for your home. We offer a variety of carport ideas, as well as provide sun protection and hurricane protection with Bahama shutters and fabric screen roll-downs that come in a variety of color options.

These products are not only attractive, but can add to the aesthetics and value of your home. So, let’s get out there and enjoy this beautiful sunshine and find creative and economical ways to protect all of our major investments. Our vehicles and lanais will continue to look beautiful if we remember to have some kind of sun protection for them.