Tis The Season

In the past several weeks, I have met with dozens of homeowners who are contemplating the purchasing of hurricane protection. There is a diversity of conversations that are shared and even more concerns that are addressed at the in-home consultation.

One of the most common topics we address would be that ‘the hurricane season is over and we survived another year without damage.’ While this is accurate, it is vital to realize what can transpire when purchasing protection during the season most conducive to damaging storms. During the hurricane season of 2018, there was a monumental avalanche of homeowners purchasing protection. For the majority of the purchasers, there was a delay of installation due to the lack of materials from our suppliers. To further the frustration, the manufacturers were not able to purchase enough aluminum to provide to the suppliers. At the end of the day, it was the homeowner that had to be patient with all the issues in the industry.

So, when is the best time to get protection for your home installed? Tis the season, while the manufacturers and suppliers are now gaining lost ground. This is the time to get your appointment scheduled for an expert consultation, Now is the time to avoid the rush and delays that will begin in just a few months. The time is now to get on Harpers schedule and receive end of season benefits. After the selection of the desired protection, we will have you installed in a few months.

Give the gift of protection to your loved ones and protect your assets. Call Harpers @ 941-629-3490 to make the appointment to explore the options that best fit your home and budget. Be prepared in the event of a hurricane appears in 2019. Now is the time. Tis the season. Protect and save today.