In Port Charlotte, FL, Hurricane Shutters is made of 100% marine grade Aluminum, hand-painted with a satin black color, and finished with a melamine laminate. These hurricane protection shutters are available in two main styles; the hinged style that swings open and close, and the sliding style, which are similar except it does not swing. Hurricane shutters are generally available in three primary colors; powder coat, pebble, and transparent. Visit this link for more information.


Hurricane shutters are an excellent choice for Florida buildings and private homes. In Hurricane Wilma, Florida had its worst recorded tropical storm in over 150 years, leaving an impressive destruction trail. Hurricanes impacted Port Charlotte, Florida, very seriously, just across the Gulf of Mexico from downtown Port Charlotte, Florida. Many of the homes along this path were damaged or destroyed, and many people lost their lives. Hurricanes brought strong winds, rainfall, and high tides, which caused flooding to such a massive scale that it was one of the most devastating natural disasters to affect the United States. Read about Hurricane Shutters in Port Charlotte, FL – The Ultimate Hurricane Protection here. 

Hurricane shutters are a great addition to any Port Charlotte, Florida building to provide hurricane protection and a sense of security. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, and depending on the type, they can be fully customizable to your specific design needs. These excellent Florida building accessories are available online to ensure you receive the highest quality and the fastest turnaround time possible. Hurricane shutters are also a significant enhancement to any home or business regarding exterior design, interior design and enhancement, privacy, UV ray protection, and many other added benefits. Make sure to speak to your local Port Charlotte, Florida building supply company to determine what styles are available to fit your needs and budget as well.