Just like most historically rich towns in the United States, Port Charlotte was also a base for regrouping for confederation soldiers. Many of the families found in the community have members who at one time served in the military, and some are even still enlisted. The town currently has an army recruiting office. If looking to learn more about this town and its military background, here’s a spot you could visit. More can be found here.

Military Heritage Museum

The Military Heritage Museum is located at 900 W. Marion Avenue in Punta Gorda, Florida. Located a few steps from the famous Fishermen’s Village, this Museum has over 17000 sq. ft. of exhibit and activity area. Information about Historical Points of Interest Located in Port Charlotte can be found here.

The first level has three galleries: from the Revolutionary War through modern conflicts. There is the Hall of Heroes, where you can view a special Medal of Honor Exhibit. The hall has thousands of graphics, videos, and artifacts retrieved from the war. The 2nd level has full models of ships used during the wars as well as tanks, planes as well as an incredible table which has over 4000 books written about the wars fought in Southwest Florida.  

The Museum also has a theatre where you can watch feature movies on the war. By visiting this military Museum, you’re sure of leaving it more knowledgeable than when you first went in.