Harper’s hurricane protection can help protect your pool

Cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool area can be a time consuming and costly endeavor. The seemingly endless slew of insects and animals making their way into your water can provide almost more hassle than it is worth, and laying out by the pool to get eaten alive by insects certainly seems like a wasted investment. With a pool cage, however, you can make your pool area far more relaxing. Some of the benefits of having a pool cage include:


  • Home Extensions

  • Increased Enjoyment


Since 1980, Harper’s has been providing Southwest Florida with cost-effective solutions to help protect homes and the quality of life for everyone in your home. Weather here can be wild or wonderful, and we at Harpers want to help you enjoy the sunshine while protecting you from wind, rain, and whatever else may be in the forecast.  Port Charlotte, FL can be seen here.

Home Extensions

A pool cage can make your home feel more spacious, as you’ll have another living space next to the pool. Many pool-cage owners love being able to use the pool cage area as an extension of their home year-round with outdoor kitchens, bars, dining areas, and relaxation area. Click here to read about The Best Reasons to Have a Pool Cage in Port Charlotte, FL.

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