A pool that has been infected with mold is a health risk to the users. Skin diseases and lung infections are associated with exposure to swimming pools with molds. The molds grow in dark and moist areas, and it becomes a hard process to get rid of them from swimming pools. A pool cage helps in shielding the pools, and this plays a role in preventing mold infestation. The spores carried in the air and on animals are stopped from getting into the pool, thus providing the needed protection. Port Charlotte, FL can be seen here.

Protection from Wild Animals

Florida is one of the cities that has different species of wild animals and troublesome bugs. Many amphibians and reptiles that roam in the city are bound to seek luxury in open swimming pools. This can pose danger to your family. A well-installed pool cage will ensure that these wildlife species don’t get access to the pool. For example, our pool cages are designed to protect pools from an infestation of animals. Call us at Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures to ensure your pool area is safe such that you can enjoy your sunny evenings. Click here to read about The number on the pool cage company.