Harper’s sells and repairs pool cages all through the state of Florida

In spite of its seemingly endless rays of sunshine and nice weather, Florida finds plenty of ways to make owning a pool difficult. From the summer swarm of mosquitoes to the parade of debris and other items that can end up in your pool, sometimes owning a pool doesn’t even seem worth it. However, if you opt to buy a pool cage, many of these hassles could be eliminated. Pool cages provide lots of benefits, including:


  • Needing fewer pool chemicals

  • Preventing algae growth


Harpers has been providing homeowners on Florida’s coast with tons of hurricane protection and lifestyle options for forty years and counting. We pride ourselves in selecting the best products, and on delivering outstanding service to all of our customers. More can be found here.

Needing fewer pool chemicals

One of the best parts about Harpers’ pool cages is that they keep so much from getting into your pool water. No more stray pieces of debris, wildlife, bugs, or leaves. And since you won’t have to battle so many things for your pool, you won’t need to clean it so much. This means you won’t need to use as many strong chemicals to keep it clean and safe. Discover facts about The Best Reasons to Get a Pool Cage in Port Charlotte, FL.

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