Provides Protection from UV light

Florida is well known for its extreme sunny days at different times of the year. Most residents might love and enjoy the sunshine but for the health of our skin, it is better to minimize direct sun exposure. Harpers is here to ensure you and your family enjoy swimming without worrying about the exposure to UV rays. Skin damage will be the least of your worries with pool cages from Harpers installed. Learn more here.

Protection from Strong Winds

In a state that is prone to hurricanes, a strong and stable pool cage is a necessity in any home that has a swimming pool. Hurricanes can cause devastating damages to swimming pools. With Harpers’ pool cages, residents of Florida are assured of all-year-round protection from such damages. Learn more about Get Quality and Premium Pool Cages Services Today .


Harpers’ pool cages are key in preventing dirt and animals from entering your swimming pool. This ensures your pool remains clean all the time. You don’t have to worry about regularly cleaning your pool when you have our cage installed.


Pool cages from Harpers are beautiful and pleasant to have in any home in Florida. Our pool cages are designed to complement the immediate environment by incorporating nature to beautify the home. From sufficient lighting to a clear view of your surrounding yard, Harpers’ pool cages remain the best art that your pool needs to stand out.

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