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Protect Your Home & Property With the Latest in Hurricane Shutters & Panels

In Port Charolette, Florida, hurricanes are a fact of life. It’s the cost of living in paradise. However, it’s a danger that can be minimized if you take the appropriate measures to protect your home.

Protecting your windows, is the single most important step you can take to protecting your home from a hurricane. Windows can easily be broken from flying debris. This is how roofs get ripped off because it creates uplift. So protecting your windows is very important.

While plywood can certainly be used to protect your windows, it has to be screwed into your home which damages the stucco, and has to be repaired afterward. There are better options. We offer hurricane panels, roll down shutters, accordion shutters, bahama shutters, and colonial shutters to protect your home. These are much easier to put up and down, and can be done quickly, without having to cut boards to fit.

When protecting your home from hurricanes, please consider Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures!

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