Every kid deserves a place to have fun and create memories. In Port Charlotte, you and your family can make beautiful memories by visiting one or two of several modern amusement parks in the area. Here are the highly recommended ones. Learn information about  Port Charlotte here.

Kidstar Park

Over the years, Kidstar has grown to be the most frequented amusement park as it accords visitors with both the modern and vintage arcade and amusement park experience. The park offers adult and kid go-karts, a space for mini-golf, and even 3D laser iCombat. Its vintage inventory collection is one of the best in the entire state. With all these amenities, it comes as no surprise that Kidstar has been the premier family entertainment center for the whole of Southwest Florida. See also About Port Charlotte.

Bisque It Studio

If your child is into painting, Bisque It Studio is the place to go. There is nothing that draws a child stronger to the parent like one who supports and nurtures his/her dreams and aspirations. If your son or daughter is into drawing, Bisque It Studio professionals will assist your child by not only teaching him/her the fundamentals but also making the lesson fun.

Have fun and make memories while in Port Charlotte by visiting one of these places.