What You Should Know About Englewood

Englewood is an organized community in Charlotte, Florida. The community has a population of about 16,000 people and covers an area of 13.1 square miles. The neighborhood is shared by two counties, Charlotte and Sarasota along Florida’s Gulf Coast. A majority of the population in Englewood live in rented apartments, however, some residents are homeowners. Living in this neighborhood gives you a blend of the urban and suburban feel. The proximity of the neighborhood to numerous amusement parks make it an ideal neighborhood for adventurous people. Here are popular amusement parks you might want to visit while in Englewood. Port Charlotte, FL  can be seen here.

Tropical Breeze Fun Park

This recreational park boasts of the most unique activities you can engage in while at Englewood. Enjoy different games and adventurous activities for both kids and adults at the park. If you are fascinated by golfers, experience a unique moment at the mini-golf course in the park. This course has the longest hole in the World Outdoor Laser Tag. Click here to read about Experience Florida’s Best Unique Nightlife in North Port.

Tiki Treasure Island

There are many activities you can take part in this amusement park. However, treasure hunt games are the most common. This park gives you an opportunity to bond with friends and family as you engage in treasure hunts and other adventurous activities.

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