Even though Charlotte County was established in 1921, the history of Port Charlotte dates back to the 1500s. The unincorporated community has, for long, been known to have a deep history worth exploration. If an avid history enthusiast, here are some points of interest you may find fulfilling. Further facts about Port Charlotte can be found here.

Placida Bunk House

Located on 1688 Gasparilla Road, this landmark was built to house early settlers of the Placida area and railroad workers. The building, still stands strong years since its construction and the horrible weather it has been subjected to, has been converted to a learning center for local history. Read about Festivals and Events Held in Port Charlotte here. 

Charlotte Harbor Cemetery

Established in 1879, the Charlotte Harbor Cemetery is the oldest known cemetery in the county. It’s the site of burial for many of the founding leaders and pioneers. Unlike most cemeteries in the region, Charlotte Harbor Cemetery remains active as the grave markers are continually repaired and renewed time and again. It’s because of the repairs and renewals that it has been able to stay active even after numerous hurricanes that have hit the area over the years.

As they are both still in good condition, a visit to the mentioned historical points of interest in Port Charlotte is advised.