North Port city is located in Sarasota County, Florida. It has many pools that need protection against strong winds and hurricanes. Pool cages are an essential part of the pool to prevent accidents from happening around the pool. These accidents include parts of trees falling in the pool area while you relax. Pool cages prevent little and big disasters from happening in North Port. Learn information about Port Charlotte, FL.


At Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosure, we are accountable for everything that your pool needs. We build robust pool cages for you to make you the happiest clients. We know that safety and happiness go hand in hand. The pool cages in North Port allow you to rest with peace of mind. Discover facts about North Port Pool Cages.

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Fair Prices

Nothing makes a client happy than paying a small amount of cash for what seems to be high-quality work. We have skilled workmen who are dedicated to making the pool cages beautiful, with free flow of air and secure against the hurricanes. Despite delivering the extraordinary value of work, we will never charge you more than required. We are always pocket-friendly whether we build small pool cages for small pools or large pool cages for bigger pools. We aim to build a strong and durable pool cage that will not get destroyed easily for a very fair price. That is why our pool cages in North Port are a safe place for you.