Screen enclosures in Port Charlotte, Florida are available for a variety of purposes and uses. You will be able to purchase port enclosures made from heavy-duty aluminum, which is stronger and tougher than the traditional galvanized steel. These types of enclosures are also available with polycarbonate panels that are almost like clear glass, and they are virtually impenetrable to acid and moisture. The polycarbonate material can resist fingerprints, grease, dirt, and moisture so the cleaning and care of these types of Florida screen enclosure repair kits and parts are easy. The aluminum material is also great because it can be painted just about any color you need, which will not rub off on your equipment. More can be found here.


Aluminum or galvanized steel will not work for many applications because they are not conducive to electricity. The aluminum screen enclosure in Port Charlotte, Florida needs to have an electrostatic charge placed through it to work, so you may need to use electrical tape to keep the charge confined to only the screen door itself. To keep the electrostatic charge confined, you should place the screen door on concrete slabs or cement floor tile. Using floor tiles will allow you to place the screen door exactly where you need it. Galvanized steel will also not work in Port Charlotte, Florida because galvanized steel is not a conductive metal. If you do purchase galvanized steel enclosures, you should leave them outside to protect them from humid air and avoid exposing them to grease and dirt. Learn more about Port Charlotte, Florida Screen Enclosures Is a Hot Commodity.

Screen doors are available from the manufacturer in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes including vinyl, black oxide, powder coating, brushed nickel, and aluminum bronze. Prices will vary depending on the finish or style of the screen door. You can select your finish yourself and even choose aluminum or galvanized finish for an extra cost. When purchasing an aluminum screen enclosure for your home, make sure that you ask the retailer whether or not the aluminum has anti-corrosion properties. This will help to protect your screen door from rust which can dramatically shorten the life span of the door.