El Jobean, Florida is a popular tourist destination for those coming in from southern Florida. El Jobean Golf and Country Club is a member of the Miami-Dade County tourism authority. El Jobean was originally a planned community on the western shores of Lake Hearne, but the plan was changed due to the advent of the El Jobean marsh in the years following the Civil War. El Jobean can be found along the Lake’s north bank, south of intersection 10 E of Okefenokee, south of intersection 11 S of Okefenokee, east of intersection 5 S of Okefenokee, and west of intersection 4 S of Okefenokee. Learn more here.

El Jobean is an unincorporated community within the Charlotte County, Florida, area. It’s located off County Road 776, on the southern banks of Lake Hearne. The community is still part of the Punta Gorda Metropolitan Statistical Area, though it has grown significantly in recent years. Learn more about Port Charlotte, Florida is The Perfect Place to Spend a Vacation.

El Jobean offers everything from quiet strolls along the shores to golfing on its 18-hole golf course. This community has seen some growth, but it remains a place where families can enjoy living. El Jobean offers affordable housing prices and good jobs for those wishing to move into the area. El Jobean offers easy access to public transportation, and there are plenty of local dining options as well. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, El Jobean may be perfect.