If driving by Port Charlotte and in need of a place to satisfy your hunger, there are several topnotch restaurants you can visit. In the recent past, Port Charlotte has witnessed an increase in the number of visitors in the area. To cope with the rise, many food outlets have been established to provide tasty dishes. Here are some restaurants we would recommend. Information can be found here.

Colosseo Pizzeria & Restaurant

Everybody likes well-made pizza. If looking for great pizza while in Port Charlotte, Colosseo Pizzeria & Restaurant is the place to visit. Considered by residents to be one of the best restaurants in town, grab a taste of the amazing food here. At affordable prices, you won’t regret a single thing. Discover facts about Amusement Parks in Port Charlotte. 

Hometown Grill

Located on 1931 Tamiami Trail Ste 10, Port Charlotte, this restaurant has earned the loyalty of many locals due to the fantastic dishes prepared by their lovely chefs. Port Charlotte local delicacies have never tasted better than those made at Hometown Grill. Open from Monday to Sunday, although it closes a bit early on Sunday, you are guaranteed to have a fabulous time at this restaurant.


For maximum taste bud pleasure, having been tried and tested by many before, a visit to one of the mentioned restaurants is recommended.