Harpers uses quality and premium products

When it comes time to buy a pool cage, many prospective buyers don’t realize how great of a decision they’ve actually made. Pool cages transform your pool area into a bug-free oasis where you can still enjoy the sunshine without having to smell like bug spray. We also offer solutions for existing cages where we can re-screen and replace rusting screws and picture windows. Some of the many benefits of a pool cage include:


  • Sunlight Protection

  • Pool Security


Since 1980, Harpers has been providing hurricane protection and lifestyle options to many homeowners on Florida’s Suncoast. We pride ourselves in selecting the best products and delivering outstanding service to all of our customers. Learn information about Port Charlotte, FL.

Sunlight Protection

Florida truly never runs out of sunny days, and while most of us enjoy basking in the sun, sometimes it is best to keep your skin’s exposure to the sun’s harmful rays at a minimum. By using screened pool enclosures, you’re receiving an extra filter from the direct sunlight while will keep your pool’s water cooler, while helping your family enjoy a day at the pool without worrying about potential skin damage. Discover facts about Why You Might Need a Pool Cage in Port Charlotte, FL.

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