Harpers can help

Pool cages are great options for Floridians who are hoping to enhance their pool area by making it a bug-free zone. Harpers uses quality and premium products with custom engineering to help you construct your dream sanctuary with the perfect pool cage. Many residents do not understand how many benefits pool cages offer, including:


  • Easier Pool Maintenance

  • Pool Security


Since 1980, Harpers has been providing homeowners like you with pool cages in order to improve the quality of the Floridian lifestyle. We pride ourselves in selecting the best products, and delivering outstanding service to all of our customers, no matter what they need. We provide hurricane protection and lifestyle options to all of our customers across the Suncoast. Learn more here.

Easier Pool Maintenance

Think about how much time or money you spend each season on just maintaining your swimming pool’s water quality. So much can get in or out of the pool that you may spend some time every day you swim having to clean it out. By having a pool cage, your pool will be much cleaner overall, as the cage keeps debris away, so there’s never much you’ll need to cleanout. Learn more about Why Your Port Charlotte, FL Pool Needs a Pool Cage.

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