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If you’ve ever owned a swimming pool, you know how difficult it can be to maintain. Whether you’re dealing with all of the insects, the wildlife, or just the debris, you know how the tasks can really start to add up. With a pool cage, however, many of these problems are rendered a thing of the past. Pool cages can provide tons of benefits to homeowners, and can help with:


  • Preventing Algae Growth

  • Reducing Water Evaporation


Since 1980, Harpers has been providing Florida’s homeowners with hurricane protection and lifestyle options, and we pride ourselves on selecting the best products and delivering outstanding service to all of our customers. We provide cost-effective solutions to protect your home while upgrading your quality of life. Port Charlotte, FL information can be seen at this link.

Preventing Algae Growth

When you add a pool cage over your swimming pool, you’re preventing your pool from doing many things, such as growing algae at a regular rate. The pool cage’s protective covering prevents tons of insects and debris from getting in – including extra sunlight. This keeps your pool safe and clean and saves you from doing another task along the way. See here for information about Who To Buy a Pool Cage From in Port Charlotte, FL.

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