You might not even know how great they are for your yard

The worst part about having a swimming pool is having to go through all of the methods of maintaining it. Swimming pools gather insects, garbage, debris, and much more, in addition to attracting various forms of wildlife. When you decide to buy a pool cage, however, you essentially remove these hassles, in addition to gaining even more benefits, including:


  • A reduction in energy costs

  • Protection from sunlight


For more than 40 years, Harpers has been dedicated to providing homeowners on the Suncoast of Florida with hurricane protection and additional lifestyle options, including custom screen enclosures and garage door screens. Our cost-effective solutions help protect your home and improve the quality of your life, at the same time. Click here for facts about Port Charlotte, FL.

A reduction in energy costs

By using a pool cage, you’ll prevent the water in your pool from becoming too hot or too cold. Enclosures can help maintain a stable temperature so that you don’t have to keep adjusting the pool water temperature with the outdoor weather. This means saving time and money by not having to bother with the water, and by not having to alter it. Read about Why Your Port Charlotte, FL Home Needs a Pool Cage here.

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