Pool cages can help in more ways than you may realize

If you own a home in Florida, odds are you know how expensive and time consuming it can be to clean and maintain a swimming pool. There are tons of things that can make such ownership more difficult, and pool cages are one of the best ways to make your life easier. Pool cages have countless benefits, such as:


  • Reduced water evaporation

  • Reduced energy bill


At Harpers in Port Charlotte, Florida, we have been helping homeowners on Florida’s Suncoast protect their homes from hurricanes and upgrade their lifestyle options with pool cages, custom screen enclosures, and garage door screens. We pride ourselves on selecting the best products and on delivering outstanding service to all of our customers. See more here.

Reduced water evaporation

When the dog days of summer have arrived, water evaporation can drastically lower the level of your pool, and water restrictions may prevent you from filling it back up to its proper level. Pool cages, which cool the area around the pool by preventing extra harmful UV rays from reaching it, can help prevent such water evaporation, saving you time and maybe even money as a result. See here for information about Port Charlotte, FL’s Top Pool Cage Supplier.

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